1. The Integratron - Landers, California

    We drove to the desert to take a sound bath in one of the more stranger parts of California. Landers, near Joshua Tree. Equal parts natural wonder and meth lab. This wasn’t a spiritual retreat, we weren’t looking to get our chakras unblocked, achieve any kind of higher level of consciousness, record music or talk to aliens - although you can do all of that inside The Integratron. We were there because, to nap and try not to laugh as the middle-aged former masseuse (who once tried to end the Cold War by chanting in the dome and remote viewing the Falkland Islands) played a bunch of quartz crystal singing salad bowls for thirty minutes while we just laid there. It was neither freeing nor mind-bend-y, relaxing or spiritual. It was just us in the middle of the desert wondering where the hell we were going to eat dinner next and whether or not we were going to make it back to LA in time to see Earthquake or someone else as equally as cool walk into The Comedy Store. 

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