1. Fat Kid Ninja- Epic Game Trailer (via LiquidGeneration's YouTubes)

    After months and months and months of brainstorming, production, development, pizza parties, late nights almost killing ourselves and each other, we’re in the final, final stretches of releasing our first iPhone game, Fat Kid Ninja.

    We’ve put a stop on all art changes for v. 1.0. V/O sessions are closed. The music has been chosen and all animations have been tweaked to perfection. Now, only the show stoppers will prevent an April release. Now it’s all about squashing bugs and making sure the thing is fun.

    My mom once gave birth to a fat kid (10lbs, thank you). It’s not easy. 

    Above is a game trailer we put together yesterday to test out some ideas for a more fleshed out preview we wanted to make. We made it in freaking iMovie after all. We liked it so much we’re just putting it out there now, as is. Take a look! So excited!

    Also, website: